The Necklace Collection

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Oxidised Silver Mussel Necklace

Oxidised Silver Mussels with Pearls Necklace.


Silver Foxglove and Bee Necklace

Silver Foxglove and Bee Necklace.


Silver Bee Necklace

Silver Bee Necklace.


Silver Ladybird Necklace

Silver and Enamel Ladybird Necklace


Silver Mussel and Clam Necklace

Silver Mussel with Pearl and Clam Necklace.


Silver and Pearl Daisy Chain Necklace

Silver Daisy Chain and Pearl Necklace.


Silver Bee in Foxglove Necklace

Silver Bee in Foxglove Necklace.


Silver Mussels and Pearls Necklace

Silver Mussels with Pearls Necklace.


Silver and Garnet Daisy Chain

Silver and Garnet Daisy Chain.


Silver and Enamel Honesty Necklace

Silver and Enamel Honesty Necklace.


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